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Who are Probite?

Created from over 60 years of experience in friction manufacture, and run by a team of motorsport and vehicle enthusiasts right here in the UK, Probite specialise in the precision machining and rapid supply of performance brake discs, pads and accessories for a wide range of vehicles.

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What Do Probite Offer?

Probite offers a range of cutting-edge friction products that improve both performance and appearance, without the need for costly alterations. All Probite discs, pads and accessories are manufactured to give an easy installation to OE fitments so customers can fit and forget. All of our products are R90 approved where required and keep an eye out for news of our fast road and track-use brake pad launching this summer.

Probite On Our Project ST

Watch the latest installment of our MK7.5 Ford Fiesta ST Project car being upgraded with Probite Discs, pads and Motul RBF 600 racing brake fluid.

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Probite Discs

Extra Stopping Power
Compared to a standard disc, Probite discs give an increased friction coefficient between the disc and pad surfaces for greatly improved braking bite from the very first contact.

Premium Materials
Probite uses high-strength, premium materials to ensure superior strength, durability and efficiency in high-stress environments.

Uprated Heat Dispersion
As well as being made from cast-iron that can withstand temperatures above 600c, Probite discs feature carefully designed holes and grooves that allow for quick dispersion of heat and gases.

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Probite R90 Pads

All Probite brake pads are made to match the specific size and fitment requirements for your vehicle, offering excellent braking performance and temperature handling for everyday road use.

Probite's superior plate technology gives enhanced bonding and durability to help protect against shearing and squeals.

All Probite pads have reduced bedding-in time thanks to their advanced materials and are Regulation 90 (ECE R90) approved and certified.

Do Performance Brake Parts Make a Difference?

Yes, they do. In numerous types of motorsport, the top drivers use drilled or grooved discs to tackle numerous problems that can arise with hard use, such as brake fade, moisture removal, gas venting, and temperature handling.

We carefully design and engineer our products not just to look great but also to improve performance, handling, and safety.

The entire Probite range is engineered to deliver superior performance, with enhanced properties for key factors such as cooling, ventilation, deglazing, and moisture removal. These features work in harmony to reduce brake fade, maintain clean pads, and handle hard and repeated braking with unmatched safety and efficiency compared to standard OEM products.

The Probite British Rally Championship

As official partners and title sponsors of the Probite British Rally Championship, the company will be working alongside Motorsport UK and BRC crews in the continued development of our braking products ensuring we can bring the best enhancements and innovations from professional motorsport to the thousands of fans and enthusiasts driving on Britain's roads. Look out for their new range of performance pads launching sometime this summer...