Motul Diesel Care, Restoration and Performance Package

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Include DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter)
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For all diesel vehicles. You can choose to have your package with a DPF (diesel particulate filter) cleaner or not. If you have a DPF on your vehicle we would recommend that option but it is not essential.

The Problem

If you've been running your car on supermarket/cheap fuel, you may already have had the very common (and VERY expensive) problem of fuel injector failure.

This is because cheaper fuel lacks vital additives that help maintain regular functioning of an engine - which is why the cheaper fuel costs less. However, regular use of this fuel will cause the fuel system, turbo, DPF and engine to clog up with soot and dirt. This will have a negative effect on the performance of the vehicle and can lead to expensive problems.

The Solution

So show your car some love with a Motul Diesel Fuel System Cleaner & Booster package.

This package contains:

  1. Motul Diesel Fuel System Cleaner
    Fuel tank additive which cleans the tank, fuel lines, injectors, removes moisture and reduces cold start times
  2. Motul DPF Clean (included only if you choose the DPF version)
    Fuel tank additive which supports the regeneration of the DPF, reduces soot/exhaust gas emissions and increases the life of your DPF and turbo
  3. Motul Cetane Booster
    Increase the cetane rating of ordinary diesel by up to 5 points for improved performance and cleaner combustion. Faster acceleration and reduces engine vibration and noise

Use at regular intervals to maintain top performance.


Not to be used all at the same time. We would recommend using them in the order above for best results but each product should be added separately to a fresh tank of fuel.


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