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Lowering springs are designed to lower the ride height of the vehicle, which can provide improved handling, better aerodynamics, and a more aggressive look. Lowering springs can also reduce body roll, as well as give a firmer ride and improved cornering.

If done incorrectly, the downsides usually include a harsher ride, increased wear on suspension components, increased wear on tyres due to increased camber, and additional wear on the wheel bearings. If the lowering is too extreme, it can cause decreased suspension travel, which leads to bottoming out, as well as increased body roll.

It's possible to negate most of the negatives mentioned above by fitting a higher-quality spring that makes use of progressive-rate technology. A progressive rate spring is designed to provide a softer ride in the initial part of the suspension travel, and then become progressively stiffer as the suspension continues to compress. This ensures that your suspension is able to handle bumps, dips, and other road irregularities without sacrificing comfort. Progressive springs can also be beneficial for handling, as the increased stiffness at the end of the travel can help reduce body roll and keep the car planted during cornering.

We only sell tried-and-tested springs from the very best manufacturers from around the World. We would never sell you something to fit to your car that we would not be happy to fit to our own vehicles.

It's important to note that you will need a full wheel alignment after fitting lowering springs to ensure your suspension geometry is correct.