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Why would you need a universal anti-roll bar bush and bracket kit?

  • OEM Parts are no longer available
  • No off-the-shelf solution
  • Rubber parts do not offer the resilience needed for the application
  • Building a custom-made vehicle
  • Adding an anti-roll bar to a vehicle that was not originally fitted with one
  • Changing the specification of original suspension components / anti-roll bars

Each kit contains 2 Brightened Zinc Brackets and 2 SuperPro bushes designed to suit a specific size of Anti-Roll Bar. If your bar is an in-between size (e.g. 24.5mm), we recommend sizing down to the nearest size below.

Comes complete with SuperPro bushing grease for assembly and long service life. The SuperPro bushes feature their advanced internal knurling which reduces the surface area of polyurethane in contact with the anti-roll bar. This reduction in surface area results in less frictional forces being developed. The SuperPro knurl bore keeps the lubricating grease intact for the life of the bushing, and eliminates the necessity for periodic re-greasing.

The brackets use slots to allow for a wider range of fitments and tolerances.