We've just released OCT-L322-KIT1 which is our very own bush kit for rear subframe bush that's designed to replace the often unobtainable 4 x cross-member bushes from Land Rover.

When worn or broken, the rear subframe bushes can lead to knocking from the rear, loose steering, poor handling, pull-to-the-side under braking and inconsistent alignment readings.

The Octane kit contains high-quality rubber replacements for the Land Rover OE part numbers KHC000060 and KHC000050.

Included are two of each bush to do both sides of the vehicle.

It fits all Range Rover L322 models (also known as the MK3 / MKIII) built between 2002 and 2012.

View and buy the L322 rear subframe bush kit.

Friday 06 October — Jon Nicholson

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