World-renowned lubricant specialists Motul has recently released their new NGEN range of synthetic bio-sourced "Fuel economy" engine oil specially designed for Hybrid Electric Vehicles (H.E.V) and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (P.H.E.V) fitted with recent petrol engines, whether turbocharged or naturally aspirated, or direct or indirect injection.

NGEN has been specially formulated for the technical challenges imposed by petrol Hybrid cars, such as fuel dilution, water emulsion, high numbers of stop/start events and lower oil temperature conditions. This state-of-the-art formulation is part of a whole new Motul sustainable concept as it contains 25% of Organic base (100% renewable plant-based synthetic base stocks) and is filled in a 50% recycled and 100% recyclable Motul can. This Organic base using non-fossil renewable materials limits the environmental impact and allows Motul to lower its carbon footprint by 25% during manufacturing.

MOTUL NGEN HYBRID is available in 5 different viscosities to suit various applications:

Thursday 11 January — Jon Nicholson

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