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VTA Performance Blow-Off Valve Range

The VTA is a high-performance blow-off valve solution for modern turbo vehicles fitted with an electronic factory diverter valve, offering better performance, reliability, and a great blow-off sound!

Sound or no sound?

With GFB’s VTA and DV+ product families the choice is yours!

All factory electronic diverter valves vent excess air back to the turbo intake, and with a stock intake you typically won’t hear a thing. For those who prefer it this way, the DV+ is the best choice.

If you’re looking for sound, the VTA is your weapon of choice. Sending the vented air to atmosphere gives you the classic “psshhh” sound when you lift off the throttle.

Most valves in the VTA family feature a “Hybrid” venting system that utilises staged atmosphere and recirculation venting ports. When the car is driven sedately, most of the air is vented through the smaller recirculation ports to keep the sound down under these conditions. When driven aggressively, the majority of the air is vented to atmosphere to increase the sound.

By giving you the sound when you want it, this system makes the VTA more suitable for daily drivers than other products without this feature.

Uncompromised throttle response for turbocharged engines

Modern OEM electronic diverter valves might be faster than pneumatic types, but they are binary in operation—open or shut. What they gain in operational speed, they lose in throttle response. The VTA adapts the factory diverter system's method of operation to give you the best of both worlds.

Pilot Operation – the patented design of the VTA means the piston is not directly connected to the solenoid, so it can open and shut progressively. This operation method leads to improved throttle response and drivability because the VTA is more “discerning” about how much air it vents when triggered by the ECU – it only vents the amount of air necessary to eliminate pressure spikes that cause compressor surge, where the factory diverter opens fully whether it needs to or not.

When you close the throttle during spirited driving, the VTA opens to prevent compressor surge and protect the turbo. When the pressure has dropped sufficiently, the piston begins closing to preserve a small amount of boost in the intercooler for as long as possible. This helps the turbo return to peak boost faster when you re-open the throttle. We call this the Turbo Management System (TMS) benefit.

Lightning-fast operation – vehicle manufacturers use an electronic diverter valve because they respond faster than pneumatic valves. Well, the VTA is faster again! No other valve on the market comes close to matching the VTA opening and closing speeds.

Hold my boost and watch this…

Your turbo works hard to create boost, so why make it work harder than it needs to? A GFB VTA ensures that all your hard-earned boost makes it to the engine and onto the tarmac.

Unsurprisingly, the moulded plastic valve components in the factory electronic diverter valve don’t seal that well. A boost leak from the factory diverter valve will cause the ECU to drive the turbo harder to compensate for the loss, resulting in higher turbo RPM, more exhaust backpressure, and hotter compressor outlet temperatures. So even though your tune might still hit target boost, a diverter leak means the turbo is more stressed, and the engine makes less power.

The VTA replaces the factory diverter’s loose-fitting plastic valve with precision CNC machined metal components and a durable elastomer piston seal. Because the VTA design uses boost pressure to force the piston shut, it doesn’t matter how much boost you throw at it – a VTA won’t fail, leak, or blow open.

Durable. Dependable. Reliable. The combination of precision manufacturing, attention to detail, and robust materials mean the VTA will last a lifetime. So does the warranty!

Bolt-On Performance. The VTA is available in a huge range of direct bolt-on kits to suit vehicles with a factory-fitted electronic diverter valve. Same features, same benefits, just different fitment options.