When we bought our Fiesta ST, not knowing much about it's previous history, THE most obvious modification was the exhaust system. Although it sounded good when you wanted it, it was obnoxiously loud and droned constantly. The kind of resonance inside the car that felt like it was vibrating your brain...it had to go!

The car had a Milltek cat-back system but it was a configuration that is "not for road use". We contacted Milltek and they advised us to simply swap the backbox delete section for a rear silencer which they very kindly provided us with.

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After a very simple and straightforward fitment, problem solved. The video doesn't really do justice to how we've retained everything that was good about the previous exhaust setup but removed the droning which has made the car a much nicer place to spend time. It sounds great and won't fall foul of any road or track regulations.

Milltek exhausts.

Tuesday 05 March — Jon Nicholson

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